In March 2018 music critic and singer André Savetier launched his YouTube show The Wave of Things. Intrigued by the programme, American music enthusiast Raymond Nelson contacted Savetier. It turned out that the two had a lot in common, subsequently an online friendship arose. When Nelson revealed to Savetier that he produces synthesizer-based music himself, they decided to join forces to form a musical union which only later would be known by the name of Deus Faust, an allusion to the connection of enlightenment and the supernatural, the basic concept of the band. It turned out that the duo could work very well together, each member benefiting from the experience of the other, while further sharpening their skills in the common process of music making.

It was not long before the first Deus Faust songs took shape, the first two singles, the dark, yet catchy 'Fomalhaut' and the melancholic 'Distant Faces', were released on YouTube, accompanied by a minimalist video each.

'Distant Faces'

In September 2018 the Deus Faust debut album saw the light of day. What I Saw was critically acclaimed, emphasizing the uniqueness of the duo's style and their cryptic-poetic lyrics. Songs like 'Rosegarden' and 'Vampyres Like Us' quickly established themselves as underground hits, with which Deus Faust could build a small but strong fanbase.

'Vampyres Like Us' was released on Halloween 2018 and caught attention through its self- and scene-ironic setup, its tongue-in-cheek humour and the many hidden references to the dark music of the early 80s. Making a tradition out of it, Deus Faust released another Halloween song with a video one year later. 'Moonbathing' is the worthy successor to 'Vampyres Like Us', another play with stereotypes and archetypes which had shaped the dark alternative culture.

'Vampyres Like Us'

The following year Deus Faust had been busy working on songs for their second album, some of which were released on different compilations, like Die Stimmen der Seele and La Dance Macabre.

The highlights of 2019 were for Deus Faust a contribution to Lory Fayer's The Lighthouse Saga, the heart-warming synth-piano tune 'Al di là del mare' which Savetier sang in Italian, as well as a collaboration with the aspiring darkwave singer-songwriter Marta Raya, with the song 'Heart-Beat Me'.

In March 2020 Deus Faust put out an EP titled Geisterwelt ("spirit world"), a prequel to the following full-length album Weltengeist ("spirit of the world(s)"). The word-play with the titles showcases the symbolist approach of the duo and puts these two releases in the context of the dichotomy Romanticism -- Enlightenment.

On July 6th 2020 -- almost two years after their debut -- the long-awaited second Deus Faust-abum Weltengeist came out. With the dark alternative music collective WaveNoir and the Peruvian label InClub Records, the band has finally found its home in the music world. Weltengeist was released on CD on Halloween 2020, together with the new Halloween-song 'Mitternacht' (midnight).