All Lyrics by André Savetier, except "Against the Sun" and "Al di la del mare"

1000 Nights
Against the Sun
Al di la del mare
Distant Faces
The End of Everything
Forever or You
Heart-Beat Me
It Goes Away
Missing Pieces
Telesto XIII
Vampyres Like Us
What I Saw

1000 Nights

You look tired
Don't give in
just close your eyes
enter my fantasy
time is running out

No chance to deceive me

I'll give you one more night
Tell me of lands far away
tell me of good old days
tell me everything you know

All these tales
intervene with my memories
deep down inside
to elude this cruel world
mesmerise me
just one more night

Wait until the 1001st night
Tell me of love and devotion
tell me who you are

I want to understand
I want to know
what made you
the greatest storyteller
of all time

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Against the Sun

"Being underground is the only way to be a real enemy of the sun" -- Lorenzo Brogi

Helen Dudley - Against the Sun

A ghost against the sun,
A shiver in the grass,
Dead memories that drift,
And pass, and pass.

Helen Dudley - Reed-Song

A crescent moon
  Behind the pines
The cry of a loon
  Where the river winds

The blackened trees
  On the long gray shore
A sob in the breeze
  That the day is no more

Helen Dudley - Cootham Lane

Twilight has encircled
The flowers in the garden,
And the sky is dim and faint.
(The) flowers (are) as cold as alabaster,
And luminous like paint
Of an old Venetian master.

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Al di là del mare

Forse immaginiamo spesso i fari
Per inondare di luce i nostri occhi chiari
Come cieli che hanno perso le stelle
La magia ed i sogni delle notti piu belle

Persi seguendo un desiderio d'amore
Per dimenticare il grigiore delle ore
E tutte le promesse diventate inganni
Che hanno rubato i nostri migliori anni

Cosa ci attende al di la del mare?
Solo un'illusione in cui sperare
O un sorriso che attende di rinascere
Prima della notte che sta per scendere

Forse brillera una lacrima di rimpianto
Per aver trovato cosa cercammo tanto
Solo per farcelo scippare dal tempo
Dal silenzio che giungera nottetempo

Lyrics by Lory Fayer

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When you turn around
You see the shadow of your doubts
That follows you
Wherever you go

To make sense of this world
I collect narratives
People tell me their stories
I turn them into music, dreams,... poetry

But there is this one tale
I have never heard before
That I want to know more than anything
The one I am most of all afraid of

It is the story how you became you
that steals your sleep like a slick thief
concealed by the tears on the pillow
that you turn around before I would notice

We are in this together
Two hearts that beat like one
An open book for those
who are able to read between the lines

But there is this one page
I'm inept to decrypt
that makes no sense without context
the key to interpret your story

It is the story
that shaped and shook your world
that makes you whine
like a hurt wolf
Your eyes' silent scream
before you close them
Every kiss...
an inaudible sigh

As I retell my stories
I give them warmth and glory
now I'm telling yours
maybe one day you will read mine

Our stories are like daisies
which appealed on the field
moved with the wind
plucked, dried, flattened
forgotten in a book
you never read
to remind you of a moment
which chained you from within

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Distant Faces (The Storm)

Hear the leaves cry
they compete with the wind
Feel the rain
all over your skin
Fear the wrath
of the storm to come
You felt the same once
when I bruised you inside

stormy days... neverending
Black clouds created
fear of tomorrow
Written on your face
your cold embrace
You hid under my wing
where we kissed
the skies away

Distant faces, confined to be buried
in wet hands, a tight embrace
Cold lips stumble
upon words left unsaid
Swallowed by rain
A thirst for dreams remains

The second time
you painted the horizon blue
you threw the sun
right into the sea

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The End of Everything

Look above in the sky wide and clear
you have fallen for the sunrise
Oh you! that has the burden to keep
try not to intervene in the cycle

Your word in honour
your world in order
They say you are the way
You are the ashes of everything

Brace yourself
Rise and shine
Bring down the stars for me

Oh you! Poisoner of hearts
polluter of the mind
Mark my futile words
You are the apogee
You are the empathy
you are the apology
You are the end of everything

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You took me by surprise
Almost like a thief
A source created
by your belief

Wherever I go
I walk in circles
Whenever you leave
you leave a crack in the mirror

Choose your destiny
Would you call out for more?

Develop a taste
for a certain dismay
to silence the echo
of words never said

Wherever you go
I fall in your footsteps
Whenever I see you - I see you
through a glass, darkly

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Forever or You

Forever or you
I can never be the stars
on your mind
How can I
share your view
that you wave about
like a blunted hatchet
on its way to the trunk

No need
to destroy one's heart
to see what's inside

"What I possess seems far away to me / and what is gone becomes reality" - from Goethe's Faust

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Looking back
to what feeds your anguish
with anger and remorse

What is done is gone
a source of forlorn hope
Where have you been
when I held my hand
into the fire?

There is still the pain
albeit to a lesser extent
a reminder to not be oblivious
to what remains

Take a rest from your scream
despite all the dreams you've wronged
Don't forget to feel the loss
of an eternal truth
that wasn't yours to give

(of a life that wasn't yours to live)

- Dass ich erkenne, was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhält
(engl: That I shall see what holds the world together in its innermost)
— Goethe's Faust

Whenever your world starts to crumble
Push your fears against the rubble
Whatever excels your mind
has a moment and a place in the past

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Heart-Beat Me

Drill right into one's heart

To seal unbroken words

Years have passed
Wasted acting
Maybe you'll find the time
to heart-beat me
half a stranger
heart-beat me
before I'm gone

Move on!
Head on!

Have I been mistaken?
I hoped that I'm your sinner
Lure me out, into the sun
Bear in mind, I won't wait forever...

Years have passed
Ruled by envy
Never seemed to find myself
Lost in a rhythm
of harmony
Lost in the rhythm
of your heartbeat

Lost in the rhythm...
Lost in the rhythm...
of your heartbeat

Heart-beat (hurt me)

Forget the past
I am none the wiser
All I ever wanted
Was to fall asleep
To your heartbeat

Love is desire
Love is Greek Fire

Let me die
for one second

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In silence we played
afraid of gazing eyes
we dragged your dream outside
to hide inside

Was I supposed to run away
or should I have followed you?

It appears that it won't go away
So don't stay in our way
When we are together in this
Unstoppable, unbreakble

Why hesitate to drink with us
from the cup of life?

How long will it take
till you realise
that it was empty
the drink in it a dream
and it wasn't yours?

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It Goes Away

I can't see what you see in me
I tried to be calm

You want to play
to play our time away

In the end it's just a game
a game of fading clarity

When we lose - oh, we will lose -

nothing but ourselves

Ask me tomorrow
what I believe in today

Don't make me masquerade
the reasons why

As time flies by
we unlearned to see blindly

You forcefully withdrew your hand
to cover up your eyes

If I had known better
I wouldn't have changed a thing

As time goes on/goes on/goes on
we unleashed the beast
of a past we never had

fly in circles
swoop down on your dream

The lush prey is more than eager to remove
The dust from your skin

It goes away you said
open up your eyes
I wouldn't have changed a thing
until we unleashed the beast
of a past we never had
of a future that never stood still

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Missing Pieces

So young and almost reckless
You caught my eye
I got to taste
The bitter taste
Of eternity
The wounds were wrought

It is the songs that remain
The fog in my head
Prevents me
From stealing the sun
From falling again
Shattered memories
Tell me
Tell me!
A broken heart can't be broken

Vigorously was broken
what had to be broken
only to be reassembled
through the years
with tears
some pieces went missing
replaced by wishes, hope, and fear

The wish - to go on
The hope - that it lasts
The fear - that it won't

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When the night is brightest
the cats sing and the bats are crying
Follow it and you may find
a society of a different kind

Come, join us
have some wine
while we are bathing
in the moonshine

Once a month we have this urge
to get together in the dark
a midnight piknik, enlightened by the moon
absinthe and wine, amongst other niceties

Come closer
have no fear
enjoy with us
another moonbath

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Wear the mask from the other side
I think it suits you that way
Hide your face and seize
glistening dreams on a
summer's night

At first glance it was real
it had such an appeal
a rosegarden of everything... and nothing

it's not hard to retreat
from a belief in deceit
despite all the spells cast by a smile

It comes in phases, the stares, the gazes, the scent, getting lost
getting lost in a rosegarden of everything and nothing

Whatever the moon might reveal
It seems kind of surreal
It reflects and attracts midnight flowers

Is it even allowed
to throw rocks in this pond
to keep the circles moving?

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Você tem saudade do quê?
Sinto saudades tuas.
Do que você tem medo?

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Telesto XIII

If you wash out with the tide
that's all right
maybe then
you'll never be alone

Forsaken thoughts
abandoned beliefs
when the system collapses
you'll see what you've had

For the first time
I feel this is something real
please show me that you are not
a slave to your own story

You're gonna tell it
you're gonna tell it all
You are going to judge me
I wonder what
you'd done in my place

Watch out from above
hit the thoughts, to push you
to find
what you were looking for so badly

But beware - be aware
that what is suggested
is no longer
the best choice to opt for

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This vision of circles
They have lost their way
I swear tomorrow
It becomes your name

Can I see you again
On a slow day
When my heart begins
To beat unscathed

All these contrite illusions
One cannot elude
Consummate your defection
With regrets abound

When I saw you again
On a lost day
My heart failed
To beat unscathed

No one gets away from you... unscathed

You say you are merely a serf
For the lesser evil
That loves to cut lifelines

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Vampyres Like Us

Vampyres like us
never here and always there
we have seen
what you cannot bear
divine and cursed alike
driven by your warm desire
come with us and fly
into a night that never ends

Vampyres like us
free from their dreams
your hot red cheeks
make our cold hearts beat
Blackened eyes
pale white skin
the fountain of youth
oh, be our sin tonight!

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Too much inside of me
Much too much
Too many thoughts in me
Too much outside of me
Much too much
Too much

Together apart
Ice-blue eyes
Set on fire
No cure at hand
But free at last

Didn't you say
please keep me warm
The torch I came with set our hearts aflame
Waiting for the rush ahead
Half alive, and half sad

Too much inside of me
Much too much
Too many thoughts in me
Too much outside of me
Much too much
Too much

Back up!
Fallen apart
A bird in flames
Scorched wings
Frozen cold
No dream at hand
Found and lost

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What I Saw

Turn your head
until our hearts collide
your concise emotions
errupt me to the core

Shake my mind
until my darkness goes
the sun in your eyes
makes my horizon glow
makes me burn

Blur my vision
until I see... clearly

Wake me up
estimate my purity
Open ym eyes
and paint a smile on me

Uncover my strength
squeeze my fermented heart
unlock my chest
where all my secrets lie
secrets lie

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