It Goes Away

'It Goes Away' is the very first Deus Faust track ever written and, after years of being reworked, has finally achieved the sound quality intended by Savetier with a harmonious blend of 'good old synthwave style' and 'onetime only' strenuous, guttural vocal delivery. -- WLWH

Missing Pieces

For a long time the video for our song 'Missing Pieces' was hidden in our drawer. Now that winter begins, we thought it was time to finally release it! Filmed in Austria on a lonely winter day.


It has already become a tradition that Deus Faust put out a song each Halloween, dealing with the clichees we all love. 2018's Halloween track 'Vampyres like us' is a play with the archetype of the vampire, while 2019's 'Moonbathing' is an homage to mystery in popular culture, like e.g. The Addams Family, Goosebumps, or Twin Peaks.
For this year's spooky tune, Deus Faust have come up with a Laibachian industrial song, the video of which is inspired by Murnau's cult film Nosferatu from 1921. The video was filmed in Kosice, Slovakia, and in Lewiston, Maine. The orginal Nosferatu was also fimed mostly in Slovakia (Orava and Cachtice castles).


On the ocasion of the second anniversary of Deus Faust's first public appearance with the song 'Fomalhaut', the duo has made a video collage with some used and unused fragments for the song 'Hotspur' off their EP Geisterwelt.


'Moonbathing' was released on Halloween 2019. Like our Halloween song from 2018, 'Vampyres Like Us', it is a song with a lot of self-irony and a tongue-in-cheek humour.
Taking a moonbath and getting an excellent moonburn is one of the favourite acitivities of The Addams Family.

"I love that 'Moonbathing' song and the video! It's REALLY good and it's been a long time since I have been so well surprised by a goth song! I love the atmosphere." - Franck Saigon (Saigon Blue Rain)

Vampyres Like Us

In 'Vampyres Like Us' Deus Faust plays with the old gothic-vampire cliche in an 80s-style video. This song was released on Halloween 2018. The cemetery in the video is in Torino, filmed and provided by Lory Fayer.

Distant Faces

'Distant Faces (The Storm)' is a melancholic anthem about memory, love, alienation, and loss. The video was filmed at Lake Domasa in Slovakia and Lake Sebago in Maine, US.


Fomalhaut is one of the brightest stars in the sky and the title of Deus Faust's first public appearance. At that point the duo had no name yet, as the collaboration was intended to be for one song only.


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